First Month Beginning CrossFit And My Primary Weaknesses So Far Are…

In CrossFit, you’re technically not supposed to prepare for a specific workout. It’s probably even ‘cheating’ to some extent even looking at what the WOD is going to be in advance. I always look at what the WOD is going to be before I go, but I’ve been good at not cherry-picking. I promised myself […]

Completed CrossFit Fundamentals Course – I’m Officially a CrossFitter!

I ‘graduated’ from CrossFit Fundamentals today, after a lengthy 1.5 hour session this morning. Very proud of my accomplishment, particularly considering the past year’s difficulty with figuring out and dialing in the proper nutrition for these types of workouts. It is a very difficult and individualized thing to ascertain the right balance between physical activity […]

CrossFit on a Low Carb Paleo or Primal Diet

“If you are going to do high-intensity exercise, you should eat the carbohydrate that goes along with it.” – Matt Lalonde <UPDATE – 05.28.2012 1600> DISREGARD THIS POST UNTIL AFTER YOU READ THIS THREAD: Notice that the one reply mentions that Mat Lalonde eventually came to the conclusion that carbs were necessary to sustain […]

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